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Stan B. Walters

“The Lie Guy®”

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“Stan was great!  Dick Purtan said he was intelligent and funny.  His interview flowed and he was able to play off of whatever we tossed his way.
“Excellent!”Lisa Jesswein  – “Dick Purtan and Purtan’s People

WOMC  Detroit

“Excellent!  Stan Walters was well spoken, knowledgeable and fun.  An interview that I don’t have to carry along is always a gem and Stan was all that and more… someone I would definitely have on again.”
Grant Stone  WPBR-AM  Royal Palm Beach

“Excellent!  Very informative and entertaining (and that’s no lie!)”
Mike Thomas  KWRE-AM, Warrenton

“Stan was very good – very informative and upbeat.”
Jesse Zemo  WIRK – FM  Palm Beach”

“Very interesting and entertaining!  We could have talked to Stan for hours! It’s nice having such an expert on the show.  Stan was so well prepared and added a touch of humor.  Our phones rang for an hour after the interview with curious listeners.”
Angel Baines  WMCI-FM Terre Haute

“Interesting as Hell.  Stan was great!”
Dan Lynch  WCRA-AM Effingham, IL

“It was great.  Stan was a great guest and probably my best interview yet.  He was a pro from the word go.  Made me feel right at home.”
Steve Ocean  WTGZ-FM Auburn

“Stan comes off very warm and human and he has good information.”
Jim Ricks  CKMO Victoria, BC Canada

“Fascinating book & guest.  A wonderful and very knowledgeable speaker on the topic”
Hoppy Gilmore  KVOX-Fm  Fargo, ND

“Great Interview.  We learned a lot about lying!!”
Paula Shultz KDGE-FM  Addison, TX

“Fun & energetic.  Two important factors for the shows like ours!”
Bob Castle  KDRK-FM  Spokane, WA

“Stan was great!  He was interesting and played along with our game nicely!”
Alli Morgan  WZXL-FM  West Atlantic City, NJ

“As God is my witness!!  I swear on my Aunt Erma’s Grave… Stan RULES… seriously.”
Pat Ebertz  KDWB-FM  Minneapolis, MN

“The info was strong.  Stan can go with the flow and be very topical.  Always a pleasure talking to `The Lie Guy’. ”
Shannon Stevens  WMJJ-FM  Birmingham

“Stan was a great interview.  Very friendly, funny and relatable.
Many callers wanted the book.”
Theresa Jay  WKXU Raleigh, NC

“Stan was great to interview – very easy to talk with, entertaining and informative.  The time went by too quickly!”
Lottie Squires  WCKB-AM  Dunn

“Mr. Walters was one of the best guests I’ve ever had.  He was professional, experienced, focused & interesting.”
Lynda Mercer  WULF-FM  Radcliff

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