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Attend: 5 Day Science of Interview and Interrogation

Interviewing and Interrogation: Level 1 & 2 Course

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Kansas City, Missouri March 1 – 5, 2021 

Abington, Pennsylvania March 8 – 12, 2021


Host: A 5 Day Science of Interview and Interrogation Course

You and I both have seen the problem! Highly competent professionals struggle to obtain consistently meaningful information in their interviews or interrogation. The issue often isn’t intelligence or intent, it’s the lack of advanced skill sets.

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Stan’s Perfect Clients

1. Have no previous interview and interrogation training.

2. Previous training has proven ineffective and unproductive.

3. Are in legal or ethical trouble because of poor or bad methods.

4. Need training in advanced interview & interrogation skills.

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Science of Interview and Interrogation: Course Content

Participants will learn:

  • – 3 tactics you need to avoid that can cause false confessions and contaminated statements.
  • – 3 essential keys you must know to conduct a successful interview.
  • – 3 critical reasons why other investigators fail to accurately spot deception.
  • – 8 fundamentals to help you dramatically improve every single interview.
  • – How you can recover 60% more information from victims, witnesses & subjects.
  • – How you can be a master at effective narrative-based interviews.
  • – 4 elements you’ll use to conduct ethical, non-coercive persuasive conversation.
  • – The 4 interview and interrogation strategies based on each personality you will see in an interview.