Host a "He Said - She Said" L. P. Conference

Stan works with and speaks to companies and corporations that need to train their people how to conduct effective interviews,  reduce  losses and decrease their legal liability.

StaninTexasStan's Ideal Loss Prevention Clients:

1. L.P. with no previous interviewing training.

2. L.P. training that has proven ineffective and has increased liability.

3. L.P.  in legal trouble because of coercive interviewing methods.

4. Need training in more advanced ethical interview skills.

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He Said - She Said - You Act - They Sue:

Conducting Effective Interviews That Reduce Loss & Liability

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He Said - She Said - You Act - They Sue : Conference Details

He Said – She Said – You Act – They Sue:
Conducting Effective Interviews for Loss Prevention

With increasing regularity private corporations are facing huge lawsuits alleging that their employees are conducting unethical interviews that use coercive and contaminating tactics. Do you know if the interviewing methods used by your auditors, loss prevention personnel, or safety staff subjecting you to increased liability?

In this two-day training event you will learn:

  • The main causes of contaminated and false statements.
  • Why your staff are missing the signs of deception.
  •  The value of narrative-based interviews versus the traditional confrontational approach used by law enforcement.
  • How to conduct ethical interviews that return at least 60% more information while reducing legal and civil liability.
  • Why it is time for corporations to change how their personnel are trained to conduct post-incident interviews.

Day One : Morning Session

Interviewing – Why the “way we have always done it” is failing and putting you at risk.
Recognizing the key signs of a compromised interview – How what you don’t know and what you think you know could really cost you.

Afternoon Session –

Building the Successful Interview Platform – Manage every interview opportunity for maximum results.
The “new” fundamentals – Building a solid foundation for productive interviewing.

Day Two : Morning Session

Verbal Analysis –

Voice Quality
Line of Thought
Speech Content

Body Language Cues – Facts versus Fiction

Afternoon Session –

Narrative-based versus confrontation type interviews.
The Narrative-based interview in action – Pulling it all together.

Now take it home and put it to work!