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I can’t wait to get back and (1) review some old interviews to see what I missed and (2) Set up the camera and start again!

Clifford Petersen – Cherry County Sheriff, Valentine, NE

Stan is the best of the best in interviewing and interrogation.

Kevin Thomas – Security Force Ramstein Airbase, Germany

This course is an essential tool in interviewing and questioning procedures.

Edwin Murray US Army – Military Intelligence, Germany

This course is immediately useful to the rookie officer and the season vet. I wish it were taught in our academy.

Kristen Kogerman – Topeka Kansas Police Department

A must for criminal investigators.

Calvin Lowe – US Army C.I.D. Germany

Excellent class. Eye opening information.

Gregory Wolf – Davenport Iowa Police Department.

I recommend this course to all law enforcement personnel regardless of experience in the field.

Dat Tran – Air Force O.S.I. Aviano Airbase, Italy

This course should be a basic requirement prior to the appointment of investigator / detective status!

Will Rinn – Douglas County Nebraska Sheriff

Stan has provided a key to open many doors.

Koan Nissen – University of Nebraska – Lincoln Police Department

This course greatly expands on the interview techniques I learned at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.
I would highly recommend taking it.

Karl Verenbel Air Force O.S.I. – Ramstein Airbase Germany

Stan Walters’ teaching methods are fantastic. You can not help but absorb the information being presented.

Joseph Anthes – Lambert Airport Police Department, St. Louis, MO.

One of the most comprehensive and well presented courses I have attended.

Stan is very approachable ad willing to help any way possible.

William LaRaia – Englewood Cliffs New Jersey Police Department
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Very informative, real eye opener. Dispelled the myths of previous assumed theories.

Stan is a dynamic personality and kept the class alert throughout the entire program.

William Chapple – Oneida County New York Sheriff’s Office

This has been the most useful and worthwhile training I have taken relating to my position as a compliance officer and an inspector.

Josh Sandlian – Wyoming Department of Agriculture

Dynamic and intriguing. This course opened new avenues for determining differences between “kind of true” and the “whole truth.”

Mike Vaughn – Vail Colorado Fire & Emergency Services

I wish I had this training years ago. Looking back at some of the more frustrating interviews, I believe if I knew then what I know now after this training I could have obtained more information or a confession.

Colleen Wilcox – Boulder Colorado Police Department

Great course! Makes you want to re-open cases where a confession wasn’t gathered.

Larry Ottosen – Broomfield Colorado Police Department

I’ve been trying to get into the class for over a year. I would definitely recommend this class for any level of police & fire.

Amy Cooper – Colebrookdale Pennsylvania Police Department

This is a tool I needed years ago.

Chris Klingaman – Teva Pharmaceuticals

The course has showed me where I made mistakes in past interviews and how to correct them if I come across the same type personality again.

Kenny Hamilton – Ohatchee Alabama Police Department

The class will help not only in interrogations and interviews but for conflict resolution in domestic disputes.

Roan Beatty – Seward, NE Police Department

This course is a must for every investigator. Wish I had taken this course sooner

Ramdeo Ganesh – US Marshals Service

Very useful course! I learned more about detecting deception in 3 days than in 4 1/2 years of law enforcement

Ernie Munoz, Air Force O.S.I.

If I knew then what I know now, the outcome might have been different.

Ernie E. Fire Investigation Bureau – Arizona

If I had attended this class prior to my first arson investigation, I would have one more conviction…

Teddy F. Indiana Arson Investigator

This course is a must for anyone who conducts or participates in the interview process.

Pete F. Indiana Detective

Stan’s motivation and passion for the material make this class a huge success.

Mike B. Arizona Police Officer

I believe this course is a “must have course” for all law enforcement officers.

J. B. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms – Arizona

Excellent speaker & instructor. Most professional instructor I have ever encountered. Well put together course with excellent presentation.

Gene B. Department of the Army.

The training is the best, most dynamic in regards to the important part of police work I have had.

Bob. C. Detective – Grand Junction, CO.

I’d like to say that your course was THE BEST training I have had in my 3 year career!

Dave S. US Army Counter Intelligence. Ft. Bragg, NC.

Because of your class, I feel more confident in my interviewing and interrogation skills. I find myself finding “clusters” even when talking to people on the street. Once again Mr. Walters, thank you for an outstanding presentation.

Ryan P. Detective- Iowa

I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to increase their knowledge of the people we deal with day to day.

Marsha C. Arizona Fire Investigator

I have been with the Department of Corrections for over ten years.. and have been involved in numerous interviews/interrogations. I have been proud of my success of my skills.. now I feel am the new kid on the block again!

L. Morris C.I.D. – Ky. Dept. of Corrections

interviewiers and interrogators, body langauge cues, lie signs

The class was the best and most enjoyed I have ever attended. I am already using the skills and info you provided..

Ted H. Unemployment Insurance. Sr. Appeals Referee

I very much enjoyed your class in Las Vegas. You are an excellent instructor and your material was most informative. I will certainly comment highly on your course to others.

SA Ron B. Federal Bureau of Investigation

I wanted to tell you how valuable your training course has been to me. As a State Trooper on the interstate… my drug interdiction seizure/arrests since taking your course have improved over 100%. Guys are starting to ask me, “what did you see in the guy?” I wanted to say thanks for providing an outstanding training course that has really been instrumental in helping me become a better trooper.

Kirk D. State Trooper

Stan Walters is one of the most dynamic, energetic and knowledgeable speakers I have had the privilege to learn from in my 9 years of law enforcement experience.

Phillip H. Indiana Police Detective

In my 20 year career with the department I have attended hours of training, most were poorly presented and not always directed to our day-to-day duties. Without a doubt your training was the best I have received.

Matt. F. Sgt. Burglary Squad, Ohio

The information you shared with the class and the techniques you instructed us in have proven invaluable. … I have recovered $43,000 worth of University property, cleared 8 police reports spanning 2 years, arrested 3 felons… in the short 4 week period since the class ended. I know that without this training I would not have been able to reach the success that I have as of this date.

Det. Jim M. University Division of Law Enforcement & Safety

Interviewing and interrogation - The Angry Subject

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I have used the knowledge learned in your courses for Criminal Interdiction. In the past three years of using kinesics I have seized 3/4 ton of marijuana, 31 kilos of cocaine and 4 pounds of Black Tar Heroin. Had I not obtained the knowledge from you, I would have not been near as successful.

Gary H. Narcotics Task Force Texas.

The class was developed from research not rumors and methods that have not been proven.

Dan S. Arizona Department of Corrections

This is an excellent course, better than the two other interview & interrogation courses I have attended.

Willard C. Bureau of Indian Affairs, South Dakota