Practical Kinesic
Interviewing and Interrogation

Overview Program

90 minute to 2 Day Training Program

(Customizable Short Course – Suitable for Breakout Sessions)

  • Why Do Interviewers Fail? …
    No formal interviewing and interrogation skills training
    Poor interviewing and interrogation skills training
    Training based on unscientific concepts & myths.


Practical Kinesic Interview® Skills Analysis Phase Course is based on in-depth scientific research on human behavior and the psychology of effective interviewing. It is designed to help interviewer:

1.) Effectively manage interviewing and interrogation sessions
2.) Maximize their ability to gain valuable information from victims, witnesses and subjects as quickly, and efficiently as possible and
3.) How to maintain cooperation and compliance in a non-coercive and ethical manner.

The program also teaches the participant how to use behavioral analysis tools to identify significant signs of stress and deception.

What participants will learn:

Reaction  / Response Behaviors Subjects under the stress during interviewing or interrogation generate identifiable behaviors that should be monitored in order to facilitate cooperation and compliance.

Verbal Cues Identification of symptoms of speech quality and content that give the interviewer the most productive body of data necessary to determine truth and deception.

Body Language CuesThe observable body language cues of stress that are unbalanced or inconsistent in relation to the speech cues or emotional symptoms generated by the subject at the same time.

Confession BehaviorsIdentification and recognition of the verbal and nonverbal acceptance cues generated by a subject who is prepared to give an admission or confession.

The  Dominant Behavior PersonalitiesThe identification of the different subject personality types and the appropriate strategies necessary to successfully interview and gain compliance, admissions and confessions from each type.

Tactical Kinesic InterrogationThe intelligent combination of Stress Response State analysis,  Dominant Behavior Personality Identification and Ethical Interviewing and Interrogation Strategies required to conduct the tactical subject interrogation necessary to assist in gaining the admission or confession from even the most difficult subjects.

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