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Mastering Narrative Based Interviews: Level 1 Course

ATTEND: 3 Day Narrative-Based Interviews

Interviewing and Interrogation TrainingInterviewing and Interrogation Training

Practical Kinesic Interviewing and Interrogation ® Training

Upcoming Level 1 Conference Schedule

2018 Calendar - Interviewing and Interrogation Training

Birmingham, AL Jan 3 - 5, 2018
Gonzales, LA Dec 12 - 14, 2017

HOST: 3 Day Conference

Stan works with and speaks to agencies and organizations that need to train their people in effective interviewing and interrogation, spot a lie, uncover the real story and make better decisions.


Stan's Ideal Clients:

1. Have no previous interviewing & interrogation training.

2. Previous training has proven ineffective and unproductive.

3. Are in legal or ethical trouble because of poor or bad methods.

4. Need training in advanced interviewing & interrogation skills.

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3 Day Mastering Narrative Based Interviews - Content

Practical Kinesic Interviewing and Interrogation®

Narrative-Based Interviewing and Interrogation Course

It  is designed to help interviewers

  • Effectively manage any interview.
  • Maximize their ability to gain valuable information from victims, witnesses and subjects as quickly, and efficiently as possible and
  • How to maintain cooperation and compliance in a non-coercive manner. 

The program also teaches the participant how to use behavioral analysis tools to identify significant signs of stress and deception.

Participants will learn:

  • 3 essential keys to a successful interview.
  • 8 fundamentals for improving every interview.
  • Which questions interviewers regularly use that get little or no information.
  • 3 critical reasons investigators fail to accurately spot deception.
  • The myths about verbal and non-verbal cues to deception.
  • How to recover 60% more information from victims, witnesses & subjects.
  • How "reaction" and "response" behaviors affect an interview.
  • Master an effective narrative-based interview.