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Interviewing and interrogationHow to Conduct Effective Interviews:

Track and Recover Information from Any Subject

 This course will provide you with the step-by-step interviewing and interrogation techniques you can use to conduct an interview that identifies and recovers critical information. 

Tuition:  $127   3 hour course




Interviewing and interrogationHow to Conduct Effective Interviews:

Spotting the Signs of Deception

This course provides you with the interviewing and interrogation tools you need to do a better job at spotting when the subject of an interview is possibly being deceptive. 

Tuition: $127    3 hour course





Tested On-Line Training
Interviewing and Interrogation Courses

  • One hour length
  • Tested
  • Printable certificate upon completion
  • Printable course description
  • Suitable for submission for C.E.U. credit requests


The Truth About Body Language & Deception

The Truth About Body Language & Deception:
Myths versus Facts


(1 hr course - with Test & Certificate)

For decades interviewers have focused their attention on body language as the tool for spotting deception in human behavior.  Many of these same interviewers claim to be very accurate at spotting deception, when in fact research shows they perform worse than the general population. According to analysis, the root cause of the problem is the myths about body language and deception that is taught in our police academies.  This 1 hour on-line course will expose some of the myths and uncover the truth about body language and deception during interviewing and interrogation.


In this session you will learn:

  • The truth about eye contact.
  • Common body language deception cue myths.
  • The concept of “like and dislike” reactions.
  • About the source of body language cues.
  • How to reduce time spent on analysis.
  • Cultural and social influence on nonverbal cues.

Tuition Just $47


Interviewing and Interrogation Training | False Confessions

False Confessions & Contaminated Statements:

Three Fatal Flaws and How Interviewers Can Avoid Them

(1 hr course - with Test & Certificate)

Of all the cases of wrongful conviction overturned using DNA, 25% were caused by false confessions. In 75% of the overturned cases, faulty and contaminated victim and witness interviews were a major contributing factor.  In nearly every case, the interviewer committed three fatal errors that contributed to these miscarriages of justice. What are those errors and how can they be avoided?


In this session you will learn –

  • How and why we misread lie signs.
  • Overcoming deception miscalculation.
  • Symptoms of guilt assumptive interviews and coercion.
  • Pre-conception bias and contamination errors.
  • Some remedies to the three fatal flaws.

Tuition Just $47



Interviewing and interrogation - The Angry Subject

Interviewing the Angry Subject:

Clipping the Fuse to Get Info You Can Use.

(1 hr course - with Test & Certificate)

One of the most difficult situations for an interviewer to overcome is the angry subject. Interviews of this type will often degrade into a non-productive confrontation.  The interviewer can change the outcome during interviewing and interrogation of such subjects by understanding why subjects use anger, what the various forms of anger look and sound like and how to correctly respond to an angry subject and bring the interview back under control and be successful.


In this session you will learn -

  • The origin of subject anger.
  • Recognize types of anger exhibited by subjects.
  • How to prevent the interview from deteriorating further.
  • How & why the interviewer should avoid the anger vortex.
  • Smart tactics interviewers can use to bring the subject and interview back under control.

Tuition Just $47


Computer Video Training

Computer Based Training

Training that uses your computer video!
Formatted for PC's)

Follow Along Computer - based Training - CD
Information Recovery & Credibility Assessment®

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