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Interviewing and Interrogation Training: Referral Center

Interviewing and Interrogation Training Referrals

Don’t Keep Stan a Secret!

So, if you believe there is real value in the interviewing and interrogation courses I present, then you will be doing your friends and colleagues a favor. 

Just introduce them to me!

Follow these 3 steps to help spread the word about Stan’s Interviewing and Interrogation Training Courses.

  • You can tell them how my program is different from other interviewing and interrogation training programs. 

  • Why not tell them what you like most about the training I present. 
  • Describe to them how THEY could benefit from hosting a training course.

Using the form below and provide the name of some contacts and their agency, company or professional association information.

  • Ultimately when we receive your note, we will reach out to you.
  • We’ll ask for more information. 
  • Together we will offer your colleagues the chance to host an amazing Training Experience!

Don’t be that person who keeps Stan a secret!

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