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Table of Contents - Interviewing and Interrogation Ttraining

interview and interrogationThe Real Difference …
Practical Kinesic Interviewing and Interrogation ® courses and “the others.”

The interviewing and interrogation techniques and tactics you use could mean the difference between a solved case and a cold one.

“Just because we always have” is not a valid reason…

Years and years of using the same technique that everyone has always used doesn’t mean it’s the best or the only one available. Legal changes, scientific studies of interview room behaviors and the results of those studies dictate that the professional investigative interviewer keep up with the current understanding of human behaviors in the interview room.

Will it stand legally?

Sure you got a statement and maybe a confession but will it withstand judicial scrutiny? In today’s judicial system, confessions are being challenged as to whether they are voluntary or in fact coerced or even false. Do you know the reason why the confession you got using “the same technique we’ve always used” may be tossed out of court along with your case?

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Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Read some of the state and federal courts most recent rulings. Statements and confessions are being dismissed on a regular basis.

There are three main reasons for the rejections:

1. Three step accusatory interviewing and interrogation techniques that have been taught and used for years.

Those techniques worked in the past… but not anymore.

2. Diagnosing a person as being deceptive using behaviors signs that have been proven scientifically to be erroneous.

3. Wrongly identifying a person as being a liar then proceeding with a three part accusatory technique dramatically increases the chances of false confessions.

A non-coercive and non-confrontational interviewing and interrogation technique…kinesic interview, practical kinesic interviewing and interrogation,

Practical Kinesic Interviewing and Interrogation ® techniques have always been non-coercive and non-confrontational! Today some of the old methods have been modified and announce they are now non-coercive and non-confrontational.  Why the change now after all these years?

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The Truth About Lying

Every day you are faced with making very important decisions and the outcome depends on your ability to determine if someone has been truthful with you. It may be whether to hire a person for a job. It may be during the investigation of some incident or accident on the job or a crime in the community. Whether to make a large financial investment or allow someone access to your home or family. Should you always believe the victim or can you trust a witness?

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How good are you really at spotting deception?

The reality is that the greatest majority of people can not accurately spot when someone is being truthful or deceptive. Research studies have shown we wrongly diagnose people as truthful or deceptive 50% of the time. That includes judges, law enforcement, doctors, therapists, counselors, teachers, media, parents – people just like you and I are notoriously bad at reading honesty in people.

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The Key To It All …

When you talk to someone and use the lie-spotting techniques you were told were foolproof, are you totally comfortable with your decision that the person is or is not being honest? The reality is that you and I are may be identifying another person’s behaviors as signs of lying when in fact they may be telling the truth. Does that make you wonder how many truthful people have been branded as liars or the number of innocent people wrongly accused? How many others have gotten away with their deception and victimized people like you or me?

What is stopping you from spotting a lie?

There are a number of reasons we miss deception or call a truthful person a liar. The most significant reason – for more than 50 years we have been taught to look for the wrong cues. Through the history of mankind, we have been looking at the wrong behaviors as indications of deceit. Today the results of modern research discovered what are more reliable signs of deception but we have not been told how to spot those signs. How could you protect yourself in the future or discover the real truth if you knew the difference between the signs of honesty and deception?

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It May Not Be Very Important…

Perhaps determining if a person is or is not being totally honest is not important in making the right decision. Maybe getting to court and having an attorney tear into a voluntary statement made by a subject and challenge it as actually having been coerced doesn’t happen on regular basis.

The choice is yours…

What would you like to see happen when you or your staff conducting interviewing and interrogation? How soon would you like to be successful at discovering the truth and identifying honest people? What is really stopping you from being a great interviewer and consistent at spotting deception and uncovering the truth? You want to get to the truth as quickly as possible. Cooperative victims, witnesses and customers should not be alienated by your approach or tactics. When the interview is completed you want to be sure that you have gotten all the critical information needed. Ultimately, you want to be sure that any incriminating statements or admissions obtained will be judged as voluntary and under non-coercive conditions.

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We have an interest in your success…

There certainly are numerously training programs you can try. Remember, you need scientifically based and legally tested techniques. You are interested in techniques that are not based on 50 year old principles that have been shown to not produce consistent, reliable results. You want complete and accurate statements from all your subjects. You want to be confident that the interviews you conduct will survive a judicial review that they are voluntary and accurate and have not been coerced.

How You Can Participate…

Practical Kinesic Interviewing and Interrogation ®

courses are for dedicated professionals who want to improve their interview and interrogation skills. Available for in-service or open registration courses, these top quality programs can be presented in various formats

– keynote, break-out sessions, one day overview, three day or even five day interviewing and interrogation workshops.