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Practical Kinesic Interview and Interrogation®
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Effective Interview and Interrogation Techniques and Training Experiences

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– Interview and Interrogation techniques?  We got that!

– So, you want to do better at deciphering verbal cues?  We got that!

– Would you like to improve your kinesic interview and interrogation techniques? We’ll help you do that!

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practical kinesic interview and interrogation

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CHAPTER # 1: The Basic Principles
   The 8 “C’s”
CHAPTER # 2:     Reaction / Response Behaviors
CHAPTER # 3: The
Narrative-Based Interview
   Four Elements of a Successful Interview / Interrogation.
CHAPTER # 4: Verbal Behaviors
CHAPTER # 5: Non-Verbal Behaviors
CHAPTER # 6: Ethical Interrogation Methods

   Verbal Cues:
   Non-verbal Cues
  The “Gain vs. Pain Calculation

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