The Truth About Lying: Uncovering Myths & Facts About Deception

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The Truth About Lying: Uncovering Myths & Facts About Deception.
Debunk the most common myths about deception.
Understand the verbal cues that demonstrate fabrication.
Learn body language cues that indicate incongruency.
Pick up the stress response states that suggest lying.
107 Minute DVD Presentation By Stan B. Walters shot in HD.

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What is the Truth About Lying?
Why do people even try to lie to you?

How can you tell when people is using deception?

  • Explore these and other important questions in this eye-opening, fascinating program that dispels myths about lying, and gives you the cold hard facts.

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The Truth About Lying and Body Language.

  • Why “eye contact” is VERY unreliable to spot deception.
  • You’ll discover that many of the most commonly believed symptoms of lying are not accurate plus you’ll learn the telltale signs that are significant.
  • Is body language REALLY the key to spotting a liar?

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The Truth About Lying and Verbal Cues to Deception.

  • Is stammering and stuttering a cue to deception?
  • If a person “pauses” before they answer a sign of lying?
  • You’ll explore verbal cues that are consistent with deceptive behavior, as well a stress response behaviors that indicate the subject is lying.

Whether you are interviewing a prospective employee, hiring a contractor or simply communicating with your kids, you’ll now have the insights and strategies for detecting deception when it counts.

107 Minutes HD DVD Well help you learn “The Truth About Lying!”
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