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  • The history behind why some states now require recording of some interviews … You’ll be ahead of the curve if your state legislates recordings.
  • How some judges feel about using interview recordings in trials in their courtrooms … judges will be more likely to see your interview as having met the burden of proof for being voluntary.
  • What agencies large and small think about the use of electronic recording of interviews and interrogations by their investigators… your department can model its policy after procedures already tested and proven by other agencies
  • Why nearly all investigators who record their interviews will never go back to paper and pencil … your interviews will improve and so will your confession and conviction rate.
  • How to handle subjects who don’t want to be recorded … the subject will want to be recorded to help protect their story.
  • Hear some of the fallacies about why recording interviews and interrogations is dangerous or won’t work … destroy nearly every argument against recording your interrogations.
  • What jurors and the general public think about recording interviews and interrogations … confidence in professionalism by officers and detectives is protected and improved.
  • How recording your interviews can save your case and maybe even your bacon … reduce and even eliminate motions to suppress, cut down on appeals, and curtail frivolous citizen complaints.
  • How spending a little money can save a ton of money … spending some money now to install equipment will result in huge savings in the future.
  • Ideas on what kind of equipment you can use for the best recordings …. purchasing and setting up equipment that will do the best job for capturing your interviews.
  • Ideas on how to preserve and store your recordings … perfect records of all interviews and interrogations when working cold cases.
  • 25 + benefits to recording your interviews and interrogations
    and the list is growing … from increased confession rates, excellent training tools, improved case preparation for prosecutors and many, many more!

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Electronic Recording of

Interviews & Interrogations

Fiction, Fallacies & Facts



It’s no secret …

  • The National Football League has “Instant Replay.
  • “The National Hockey League has a camera behind the goalie.
  • ESPN even has multiple cameras for High Definition Television coverage for a lot of the major games they broadcast.
  • We have patrol cars with in-car cameras!
  • Why aren’t we recording all the critical details of our interviews & interrogations?
  • Forget everything you’ve heard…

and learn the facts about –

Electronic Recording of Interviews & Interrogations.


Myths, Fiction and Fallacies


during this Tele-Seminar.

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