Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation: 2nd ed.


Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation, 2nd ed.

The foremost text on kinesic behaviors and effective and ethical kinesic interview and interrogation methods. A must have for every professional investigator.



Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation, 2nd ed.

Kinesic Interview and Interrogation.
Just what are the “principles” you need to know to be effective as an investigator and as and interviewer and interrogator

  • Interviewers learn to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that could ultimately threaten the admissibility of statements.
  • Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation identifies and classifies numerous behaviors for ready recognition and provides background information as to the reason or reasons such behaviors may or may not appear.
  • You’ll discover the characteristics of various personality types and the strategies of kinesic interview and interrogation techniques for each type.
  • The extremely important issues about false confession are not always covered in interview and interrogation training curriculum. This critical topic is covered for every interviewer and interrogator.
  • Examines the findings of false confessions and wrongful convictions due to flawed interview and interrogation.
  • Contains photographs from REAL interviews with subjects suspected of various crimes, from simple thefts and forgery to rape, arson, and murder.
  • Coverage of the advances in the area of interview and interrogation statement analysis, with more background information and representative examples.
  • Discussion of the phenomenon of false confessions, including contributing factors and avoiding pitfalls.
  • A new chapter addressing the basic concepts of kinesic interview and interrogation, making the book more rounded and suitable for beginners.
  • A short section on schizophrenia, brain disease, clinical depression, and suicidal personalities and their behaviors. Why these individuals are unreliable during standard kinesic interview and interrogation techniques.
  • Explore the complex challenges of basic and advanced interview and interrogation techniques.
  • Using kinesic interview and interrogation methods, determine the significance of behavior from body language, speech, and written statements.
  • Thousands of readers gained invaluable skills from the first edition. With the techniques presented in Principles of Kinesic Interview and Interrogation, Second Edition, you too can discover the key to being successful using kinesic interviewing and interrogation techniques during your investigations.

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